What We Do?

a) We export to the following countries: USA, Turkey, Venezuela, Africa, Panama, Lebanon, Spain, Algeria and France.

b) We distribute 12% of the more than 65,000 tons of white corn that is consumed monthly in Mexico City.

c) We sell more than one millions of tons grains a year (yellow corn, white corn, wheat, sorghum, beans, chickpeas, among others).

d) Starting November, 15, 2017, we will open our offices in Shanghai to serve the market of the Pacific-Asia region.

e) Granos de México sells annually more than 100,000 heads of cattle.

f) We sell just over 80 processed products (edible and non-edible groceries). But above all, we are a company that values:

  • Long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • The availability of service and compliance with those who honor us by doing business with us.
  • Honesty when setting prices and conditions with customers and suppliers according to market conditions.
  • The transparency of our operations, we can settle prices easily and under the conditions that be required.

Mexico: its productivity capacity and sanitary standards.

Mexico has a large capacity production in the agricultural and industrial sectors and it has important competitive advantages to serve its customers.

For the above mentioned, Granos de México can offer safe and healthy products for consumption to the Global Market.

Granos de México Pleca
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